Work place stress, stress from the home, the pressure of just being and surviving in our modern society. All of these have a constant impact on our senses, our resilience and our nervous system. All of us, at some point in our lives suffer a degree of stress. Some have the ability to cope with their stress relatively well, whereas others find difficulty and this can lead to further degrees of trauma. A lot of us cope, most of the time, some appear to float above these pressures without a problem. But a lot do not. In the extreme people suffer nervous breakdowns and mental collapse.

But stress also accounts for a lot of less obvious symptoms that effect our heath, our performance and our happiness. Stress raises the blood pressure, increases the heart rate, disturbs the immune system and suppresses the immune system. Prolonged stress will result in severe and damaging illness.

There may be triggers that raise Stress levels, or it may stem from an incident that happened many years ago. Whatever the case, we all have a responsibility to reduce stress in our lives to make us healthier, happier and nicer to live with. Anxiety and stress are very closely related. Just like stress, the cause can come from many areas and can be with us all the time. .

How Can Reflexology Help?

Stress, along with Anxiety and Depression respond remarkably well to reflexology. There are a number of well tried and tested methods for bringing about improvement to the onset of these symptom including many self help steps that you can take to improve the situation, however I have found that Reflexology can dramatically reduce these symptoms and has to be taken seriously as a great alternative treatment for the relief of Stress..

Through Reflexology it is possible to work directly on the areas causing the problem, namely some of the Brain glands which control the way we think, the way we act, our emotions & hormone releases, often avoiding the use of medication..

Stress can be as a result of a number of factors and affects both men and women alike. By working on the relevant points on the feet Clients usually respond quite swiftly, with some degree of relief usually being felt after only one treatment. Reflexology relaxes the mind and stimulates the body's own natural healing system to reduce stress, control nerve function, improve blood supply and circulation and increase energy levels. This leaves the body feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. I have been successfully treating clients for Stress and stress related problems for over 15 years and have had some very positive results.

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